Taxi From A Famosa To Singapore

How to travel To Singapore From A Famosa, Malacca?

A Famosa is a Portuguese word that means The Famous. It is a fortress located in Melaka, Malaysia that is surrounded by the rolling hills of the country side with the breeze of the fresh air and rated to be the number 1 leisure holiday destinations in Malaysia.

It is a 3 hours drive (238.5 km) taking the AH2 going to Singapore coming from A Famosa Resort riding a private taxi car service.

Take the cheaper ride of public bus and more or less it is 4 – 5 hours travel.

What so interesting of A Famosa?

A Famosa dates its history back in the early 1600’s where it was still part of the Portuguese colonial rule. Now it has become a favorite vacation spots of wealthy travelers around the world.

A Famosa resort is a venue and a one-stop business and leisure destination for tourists and guests.

The resort is comprised with the

  • Animal World Safari,
  • Water World Theme Park,
  • Resort Hotel, Cowboy Town,
  • Condotel and Villas.

The A Famosa is just massive in terms of its land area and by also having a golf course inside the resort making the place just right for everyone who wishes to relax and relieve their minds from stress.

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Top Food Must-Try In A Famosa

As your private taxi car service provider we don’t just take you to places but we recommend places and good food to fill those hungry tummies.

Western food will be much of your choices if you will dine in Golfer terrace & Greenview Restaurant. Experience their ala-carte buffet style dishes that are big in servings. Find other western culinary delights when you visit Bamboo Steak.

Malaysian food like the curry beef, rendang, lemak rice and many more are the food that will regenerate your energy after the tiring day at the resort. Sit down and dine at the Lakeview for these authentic Malaysian cuisines.

If you want the best Chinese flavors on your plate then visit the Huang Di Chinese Restaurant and I will assure you that you will not get disappointed as the Chinese always does.

Discover What To See & Visit Nearby A Famosa

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