Taxi From Changi Airport To Malaysia

Where Is Singapore Changi International Airport Located?

About 37 kilometers from CIQ Complex Johor and Johor City Square, you’ll find the Singapore Changi Airport. It’s only a 55 minute direct drive from Johor Senai Airport.

A mere 7 kilometers away you’ll discover the beautiful Marina Bay. Changi Airport is located at Changi, eastern end of Singapore and remaining as among the biggest air transportation hubs in Southeast Asia and classified as the World Best Airport for 2015.

What Modes of Transportation are Available To and From Singapore Changi Airport?

Option 1: Public Bus

Many areas in the world now offer public bus transportation, therefore Malaysia and Singapore are not unique in this respect. First, you’ll have to take bus to JB Sentral (main hub for all buses in the area) from your location.

Following this you’ll take another bus down to the Woodlands checkpoint. At this point it’s usually advised to switch from the bus system to MRT. With the growing success that that the area has experienced with Mass Rapid Transit, there aren’t as many buses going all the way to the airport but the bus still operate.

The only thing is you might get stuck waiting. The city also operates a completely free bus shuttle to/from the Changi Business Park through the week except for national holidays.

Cons: The downside of the bus system is quite similar to that of MRT, the biggest being even more transfers. You’ll also have to leave the bus twice for Immigration Clearance, once in Malaysia and Singapore. If you are carrying a large amount of luggage or traveling with a group this type of travel will be sure to get stressful quickly.

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Option 2: Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

This form of transport is faster than some other types of public transportation. Starting at JB Sentral Station you’ll head to Woodlands CIQ via the Shuttle Tebrau.

Following this you’ll board MRT from Woodlands Station with two transfers in Singapore before reaching your final destination at Singapore Changi Airport. Shuttle service begins in the morning at 5:30 am and the last shuttle leaves at 10:15.

Cons: If you are traveling with children, elderly, handicapped, or are carrying much in the way of luggage this isn’t an ideal way to travel. The main reason for this is that both the shuttles themselves as well as the loading areas can get quite busy and crowded.

With luggage you will most likely not have a place to store it and be forced to carry it with you at all times. You’ll also be pressed to stick to a specific schedule, if you miss a shuttle or train you will get stuck waiting for the next one.

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Option 3: Private Taxi (#1 Recommendation for Travellers)

While not as practical for locals who are commuting to work, a private taxi remains the easiest and hassle free way to reach the Singapore Changi Airport from anywhere in Malaysia. Private taxi offering comfortable, spacious and luxury MPV vehicles which can seat up to 10 passengers including luggage.

Each private taxi is regularly maintained, fully air-conditioned, meticulously cleaned and driven by experienced local drivers. As an added bonus you won’t be forced to leave the vehicle for immigration at either sides of the border.

If you are traveling with a group or children, this is the best option. You’ll be able to choose your own schedule and not have to worry about getting stuck in an unknown area.

Cons: The only downside to private taxi is perhaps the cost. It is true that it’s more expensive than other alternatives like public transport. However, it’s also an investment in your own peace of mind.

Private Taxi Service To Singapore Changi Airport From Malaysia

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