Taxi From Cherating To Singapore

Where Is Cherating Located?

Approximately 30km north of Kuantan, you’ll find the trendy beach resort Cherating inside the town Pahang. This breathtaking tropical paradise and variety of entertainment is well worth the seven to 8-hour drive from Singapore.

Even with the long trip from Singapore private taxi remains the most popular means of travel though public transportation and small plane flights are also available.

What Is So Interesting About Cherating?

As home to Asia’s first club Mediterranean or “Club Med” Cherating remains incredibly popular and trendy among travellers from all over the world. The area is also home to a turtle sanctuary.

Between the months of July and August turtles swim out from the ocean and lay eggs right on the beach and if you plan your trip right you’ll get the chance to see these eggs hatch and thousands of baby turtles make their way back into the sea. As one of the wettest areas of Asia you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water.

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We highly recommend the Sungai Pandan Waterfall for hiking and picnics as well as an amazing view from the suspension bridge. You’ll also find the massive Bukit Gambang Resort City right nearby which spans an astonishing 547 acres. The park offers a picturesque 17 acre lake and huge 24 thousand square foot wave pool.

Delicious Dishes To Appease Any Appetite In Cherating

Part of the fun of visiting a new culture or area you’ve never been tastes the local cuisine. Malaysia offers a ton of new flavours that you might not have heard of before or some familiar ingredients cooked in all new ways.

  • Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant

For large groups we recommend Alor Akar Seafood Restaurant as the portions are massive and the prices are very affordable. Some of our favourites include the decadent butter fried mantis prawns, as well as the salted egg yolk squid.

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  • Cendol Air Putih

For a lighter meal or snack while exploring visit Cendol Air Putih. Cendol is a local favourite snack made from rice flower, palm sugar, and for the beverage version – coconut milk. This food stand offers the local dish in a variety of ways from beverages to fried pastries.

  • Yong Tau Fu Noodles

For a different kind of dining experience visit the busy Sungai Lembing Morning Market for Yong Tau Fu noodles. You create your own customized dish choosing which ingredients you’d like. First pick the Yong Tau Fu which is tofu that’s been filed with ground meat or fish paste, then choose the noodles and if you’d like broth. This food stall is perfect for getting started in the day and preparing for a full day of adventure.

Private Taxi Service To Singapore From Cherating, Pahang

Vacation time is often short enough without adding extra time and expense with longer flights and public transportation.

Get a scenic view of Malaysia in the comfort of our MPV taxi driven by our dedicated and knowledgeable drivers.

It is a safe journey for a great trip to Singapore from Cherating, Pahang.

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