Taxi From Tanjung Leman Jetty To Singapore

Where Is Tanjung Leman Located?

Tanjung Leman is located about 72 kilometers south of the Mersing District. As a point of origin for boats and jetty’s going to the surrounding islands it’s a popular area for tourists. Traveling to Singapore from Tanjung Leman Jetty will take about 3 hours and 30 minutes by private taxi but may be half day affair if you choose to go by bus or shuttle.

Why Do Travellers Go to Tanjung Leman?

Visiting Tanjung Leman is truly an exciting experience to add if you are visiting any of the local islands. The boats or “jetty’s” provide transportation to seven of the most popular nearby islands. Traveling across the water by boat is something that just can’t be missed. Varying in size you can find the type of transport that fits exactly your needs.

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What Are Some Accommodations Nearby Tanjung Leman?

There are many accommodations and entertainment options in and around Tanjung Leman, the following are some of our favourite.

  • Sibu Island Resort

This resort is surrounded by seven different islands and located in a private and exclusive spot in the South China Sea. You’ll have direct access to three of the world’s most beautiful beaches and enjoy a beautiful back green garden backdrop filled with chalets and villas. While it may seem old world upon first glance, there is filled with completely modern amenities to ensure you have what you need. Relax on the beach or get moving with activities like banana boat rides, wind surfing, day cruises, hiking through the jungle, and more. If peace and serenity are what you are after the holistic spa is the place to be. The resort truly offers everything you could possibly want for a vacation by the water.

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  • Felda Residence of Tanjung Leman

As a three star hotel the Felda Residence is sure to please any guest or tourist who stops by. The hotel offers a variety of options with rooms including exclusive non-smoking rooms, an entire executive floor with catering for events and business meetings, a lush garden, and an outdoor pool with a prime view of nature.

Each Island has times listed for arrival and departure listed in advance. Some of the islands only have boats leaving four times a day so it’s important to know your specific schedule. If you miss your boat, most of the time your only recourse is to wait for another.

Safety is of utmost importance to the crew and staff at Tanjung Leman. They make sure that there are enough life vests aboard to fit the entire crew as well as all passengers with extras. Traveling on the open sea is magical but don’t worry if it’s not your favourite part of the trip as the islands are not very far. Depending on where you decide to visit, your ride will be between 20 and 45 minutes in length.

Taxi Service To Singapore From Tanjung Leman Jetty, Johor

Traveling by sea is truly a magical experience. It’s important to arrive on time so that you can keep on schedule. With some boats only going out four times a day it would be very disappointing to miss your chance to visit one of the islands. The bus system in Malaysia is complex and confusing for newcomers and you need to follow their schedule as well. Most often you will be required to take multiple transfers to get to your end location on a trip that takes exponentially longer than a private car would. Taking your own rented or owned car however you need to face own risks. What about traffic, parking and the all the real possibility of getting lost? The most easy way and hassle free is by reserving a private taxi. We pride ourselves on our experienced and knowledgeable drivers who can help you with your vacation needs. Call us today to check on fares and make a reservation to get private transfer service to your paradise island adventure.