Taxi From Kota Tinggi To Singapore

Where is Kota Tinggi Located?

The fast growing town of Kota Tinggi is situated about 45 km north east of the heart of Johor city. This adventurous location is about a 50 minute drive directly from Johor Bahru and just under three hours from Singapore.

What Attractions Are Near Kota Tinggi?

The most popular place in Kota Tinggi is undoubtedly the waterfall. This popular location is an interest among even local travellers and residence who visit the spot regularly. The waterfall itself measures about 36 meters high and is nestled into the base of the Gunung Muntahak Mountain which measures 634 meters to the peak. The cold river waters are enough enticement for even those who live directly in the area to make this a great spot for hanging out no matter what the occasion.

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Also in the area you’ll find Firefly Valley Leisure Park where you’ll discover the magical quality of seeing fireflies up close. After taking a boat you’ll instantly be mesmerized by the multitude of these glowing creatures scattered through the trees lining the banks of the Johor River. Starting at the riverbank near Jalan Tepi Sungai you are sure to have a wonderful time. The best times to visit this particular attraction are during moonless night or on a new moon when the area is relatively dark and you’ll be able to see the innumerable amount of fireflies light up the area. If you go after a heavy rain you are sure to see even more as this is when they are most active.

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If you want to continue exploring the local food attractions, visit Desaru Fruit Farm. In the 180 acres of land various fruits are planted like dragon fruit, papaya, mango, durian, banana, passion fruit and many others. As a visitor you can tour through the many different areas on the farm including agricultural gallery fish pond, petting zoo and vegetable & herb garden. You’ll have a chance to learn how honey is harvested directly from the bee hive to end product. You’ll have the opportunity to taste raw honey and even see first-hand the bees at work. Before leaving grab some fresh snacks at the Mini Mart which sells a variety of fresh produce and other product directly from the farm.

When visiting the Kota Tinggi, you can’t leave without trying some of the local cuisine. Bah Kut Teh is a popular meat dish served in a delicious broth and you can find an exquisite version of this dish at Kiang Kee Bah Kut Teh. This unique restaurant building is made of wood and attap or palm for roofing and is a great place to visit offering reasonable prices. It remains a popular choice among locals and travellers alike.

The Best Resorts or Hotels in Kota Tinggi

When visiting a new area, it’s hard to know what places are best to stay at. For those traveling from abroad this is even harder. We’ve made a list of our favorite hotels and resorts below.

  • Rest Inn Hotel
  • Pulai Desaru Beach Resort
  • Kota Rainforest Resort
  • Tanjung Sutera Resort

Private Taxi Service To Singapore From Kota Tinggi

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