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Where Is Legoland Theme Park Malaysia Located?

Located about an hour drive from Singapore Changi Airport and located in Nusajaya of Johor, Malaysia you’ll find the 76 acre Legoland Theme-park. This convenient location is only 15 minutes from Bukit Indah , 20 minutes from the Woodlands Causeway, 30 minutes from Senai International Airport and 10 minutes from Second Link Tuas. Built in 2012, it is one of only six Legolands in the whole world and the first in Asia. The park itself is split up into seven different themed areas consisting of:

  • The Beginning

This vibrant entrance is sure to get you excited to explore the rest of the park. Here you’ll find The Big Shop which is the largest Lego store in Asia as well as other small retail shops such as The Brick Shop and mini market.

  • Imagination

Imagination is the perfect place to visit for those wanting to get a view the surrounding area and learn more about Lego’s. Visit the observation tower where you’ll get an exciting panoramic view of the entire park on a rotating platform. For a different kind of view, visit Kid Power tower where you’ll lift yourself up for a beautiful view over the park. Feeling creative? Head to Build & Test, a fully air conditioned indoor activity center for kids and adults to build Lego models. Next, visit Lego Studios which show a variety of short Lego films and get active again in the Duplo Playground. Young children can hop aboard the express train for an exciting ride around Duplo play-town.

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  • Lego Technic

This area is perfect for the thrill seekers in the group featuring exhilarating rides like Project X. Measuring at 18 meters high with super sharp bends and steep inclines this is sure to get your heart pumping. Also in the area visit Twister to get dizzy and the Aqua-zone Wave Racers where you’ll spin around and get hit by huge splashes and water jets. If you need to slow down a little visit Lego Mindstorms and Academy where you’ll discover Lego Programming and be able to see Lego robots compete and battle against one another.

  • Miniland

When exploring this area of the park you’ll quickly realize how amazing Lego’s can truly be. With large scale models of seventeen different Asian country landmarks you’ll be impressed with the magnitude of work involved. You’ll see classic famous sites from Thailand, Brunei, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, China, India, Singapore and Vietnam. The models themselves took about three years to complete in entirety and use over 30 million bricks making it quite impressive.

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  • Lego Kingdoms

This special themed area is all about fantasy, featuring elements like castles, dragon, swords and knights. You’ll get a thrill at the Dragon Roller Coasters and Dragon’s Apprentice. You’ll also find the Forest-men’s Hideout, a playground where kids can run, climb and jump to burn off some energy. Merlin’s challenge a high speed carousel that parents can take part in and also kids can try simulated classic Lego horse ride (Royal Joust) for kids.

  • Land of Adventure

This themed area will take you on a tour into the long forgotten world of Pharaohs and dinosaurs with a detailed and ancient landscape. Prepare yourself for the big splash in the end! The area also features Beetle Bounce where you’ll be raised fifteen feet in the air before plummeting downward again, as well as Pharaoh’s Revenge, a multi-level play area perfect for children. To slow down, head to Dino Island where you’ll be able to relax while continuing your adventure on a boat to pass through a number of scenes and Lego Sculptures as well as visit long distance ruins. You’ll go on a journey with the Lost Kingdom Adventure Ride which features a four seat car traveling along a circuit for hunting lost treasure complete with laser blasting.

  • Lego City

As one of the most popular zones in the park, Lego city is the most interactive and requires more physical activity. This makes it perfect for burning off that last bit of energy that the kids may have. Lego City Airport enables children to control and fly Lego airplanes while Junior Driving School lets the kids take control of a battery operated Legoland car in an area complete with road markings, lights and traffic signs. You can visit Rescue Academy for a chance to brave against a burning building and race against other participants. If kids prefer water the area, the kids can drive the boats around themselves at Remote Control Boats and Boating School and where. Also in the area are The Shipyard and Legoland Express.

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