Taxi From Puteri Pacific Hotel To Singapore

Where is the location of Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor?

The hotel is a few minutes walk from JB Sentral & City Square Mall. The Puteri Pacific is located on heritage row of Jalan Trus which is just a minute from the city’s commercial center. It is just near the shopping centers, best restaurants and landmarks like the Royal Abu Bakar Museum. You can actually walk going to the Customs Immigration and Quarantine Complex or CIQ at the Singapore-Malaysian border on the causeway bridge.

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What are the facilities available in Puteri Pacific Hotel?

Puteri Pacific Hotel offers just the mix of modern and classic touch with their hotel rooms and accommodations. They also have their presidential suites where the size and space of the rooms are made to fit the size of a king.

Pacific Sky Lounge is simply built for travelers with elegance in their mind. It has a personalized and bigness concierge services in a luxurious and elegant kind of setting. It’s just the same ambience that you can find in your own home. Relaxing and comfortable. If you are a sports buff they have the nicest swimming pools in the Puteri Pacific Hotel but if you are looking for more action there is the tennis court and squash court where you can get it on with your company of friends. The sports areas are open from 7am to pm daily.


Taxi Services To Singapore From Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor

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