Taxi From Cameron Highlands To Singapore

Where is the location of Cameron Highlands?

Cameron Highlands is just about the perfect place for you to visit also and that we recommend also. It is considered to be an extensive hill stations that is the size of Singapore that occupies 275 square miles of vast land area.

It is located in Pahang province which is 200 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and a 6 – 7 hours drive (563.0 km) via AH2 by private taxi transport.

Cameron Highlands is all about greens. Wherever you look it is just the color green of healthy trees and grassland covering the wavy hills of the Cameron Highlands.

The place is just perfect for retreats or if you want to go on soul-searching this is the nicest lace that you can be. Fresh air will be the air you breathe and vegetables are so much different from what is bought from the city as you can actually pick it from the plant itself!

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Popular Food Must-Try In Cameron Highlands

Great food, great view and great time. As your private taxi Service, we recommend to you some of the great food to eat that you will enjoy and must-try when in Cameron Highlands.

Steamboat – find it everywhere in Cameron Highlands. It can never fail your hunger even if you take it by lunch or dinner. The weather of the mountains will definitely compliment this hot recipe that you can enjoy fresh all day with your friends and family.

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The Salads – apart from the celebrated strawberries in the Cameron Highlands you must also try to eat the freshest salads that you have eaten. Why? It is just come from the backyard of the Cameron Highlands country-side. Try it and you will definitely love it the way you love your salads back home.

Steamed and Grilled Corn – the people of the Cameron Highland simply cultivate their own food like the ones they called Pearl corn which are yellow and white in color. Enjoy it steamed where you can taste the sweetness of the flavor. Have it grilled just the same great taste spread with margarine and sprinkled with salt.

Top Hotel In Cameron Highlands

  • Cameron Highlands Resort
  • The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands
  • Strawberry Park Resort
  • Hotel De’ La Ferns
  • Hillview Inn

Taxi Services To Singapore From Cameron Highlands

We can pick you up from wonderful town of Cameron Highlands to take you to anywhere in Singapore with our private taxi service.

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